Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame

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Specialized apparatus are used to provide hazardous materials mitigation and technical rescue. A typical modern fire engine will carry tools for a wide range of firefighting tasks, with common equipment including a pump, a water tank, hoses , ground ladders , hand tools, self-contained breathing apparatuses , BLS basic life support equipment, and first aid kits.

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Many fire vehicles are based on standard vehicle models although some parts may be upgraded to cope with the demands of the vehicles' usage. They are normally fitted with audible and visual warnings , as well as communication equipment such as two-way radios and mobile computer technology.

The standard fire engine is an apparatus designed primarily for firefighting operations. The primary purpose of the engine is transporting firefighters to the scene, providing a limited supply of water with which to fight the fire, and carrying tools, equipment, and hoses needed by the firefighters. The tools carried on the fire engine will vary greatly based on many factors including the size of the department and what sort of terrain the department must handle.

For example, departments located near large bodies of water or rivers are likely to have some sort of water rescue equipment. Standard tools found on nearly all fire engines include ladders , hydraulic rescue tools often referred to as the jaws of life , floodlights , fire hose , fire extinguishers , self-contained breathing apparatus , and thermal imaging cameras. The exact layout of what is carried on an engine is decided by the needs of the department. For example, fire departments located in metropolitan areas will carry equipment to mitigate hazardous materials and effect technical rescues, while departments that operate in the wildland-urban interface will need the gear to deal with brush fires.

Some fire engines have a fixed deluge gun , also known as a master stream, which directs a heavy stream of water to wherever the operator points it. An additional feature of engines are their preconnected hose lines , commonly referred to as preconnects. A turntable ladder TL is perhaps the best-known form of special purpose aerial apparatus, and is used for forcible entry, ventilation, search and rescue, and to gain access to fires occurring at height using a large telescopic ladder, where conventional ladders carried on conventional appliances might not reach.

The name is derived from the fact that the large ladder is mounted on a turntable on the back of a truck chassis, allowing it to pivot around a stable base. To increase its length, the ladder is telescopic. Modern telescopic ladders are either hydraulic or pneumatic. These mechanical features allow the use of ladders which are longer, sturdier, and more stable. They may also have pre-attached hoses or other equipment. A ladder can also be mounted behind the cab. This is sometimes called "mid-ship" and the arrangement allows a lower travel height for the truck, and also can be more stable in certain conditions.

While the traditional characteristic of a fire appliance was a lack of water pumping or storage, many modern TLs have a water pumping function built in and some have their own on-board supply reservoir , and may have a pre-piped waterway running the length of the ladder which directs a stream of water to the firefighters at the top. In some cases, there may also be a monitor at the top of the ladder for ease of use. Other appliances may simply have a track-way which will hold a manually-run hose reel securely, and prevent it from falling to the ground.

In the United States, some turntable ladders with additional functions such as an onboard pump, a water tank, fire hose , aerial ladder and multiple ground ladders , are known as quad or quint engines, indicating the number of functions they perform. With the range of 68 meters. In the United States, a tiller truck, also known as a tractor-drawn aerial, tiller ladder, or hook-and-ladder truck, is a specialized turntable ladder mounted on a semi-trailer truck. Unlike a commercial semi, the trailer and tractor are permanently combined and special tools are required to separate them.

It has two drivers, with separate steering wheels for front and rear wheels. One of the main features of the tiller-truck is its enhanced maneuverability. Some departments elect to use tiller-quints see quint below , which are tiller trucks that have the added feature of being fitted with an on-board water tank. Some aerials have a platform, also known as a basket or bucket, mounted at the top of the ladder. These are commonly known as platform trucks.

These platforms can provide a secure place from which a firefighter can operate. Many platforms also allow for rescues to be performed and are outfitted with tie down clips and rappelling arms. There are also platform trucks that do not have a ladder attached to the platform. These specialized elevated work platforms are capable of articulating which allows the arm to bend in one or more places. This is an advantage over the traditional platform ladder, which can only extend in a straight line and gives the articulating platform the ability to go "up and over" an obstacle see picture.

A heavy rescue vehicle, sometimes referred to as a Rescue Company, Rescue Squad or Technical Rescue, is a type of specialized fire apparatus.

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They are primarily designed to carry specialized equipment for technical rescue situations such as vehicle extrication, machinery rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse rescue, and water rescue. In addition to fire and rescue departments, tram or railway companies may have their own dedicated heavy rescue squads. A hazardous materials company responds to and controls scenes involving spilled or leaking hazardous chemicals. These units have the specialized equipment, personal protective equipment, and training to mitigate chemical emergencies.

Wildland firefighting requires vehicles that can easily negotiate difficult terrain and high-gradient roads, be self-reliant, and have high clearances for wheels and suspension. These wildland fire engines are traditionally smaller than standard fire apparatus and are primarily used for vegetation fires or wildland fires. They may also respond to emergencies in rough terrain where other vehicles cannot respond. Many wildland engines feature four-wheel drive capability to improve hill climbing and rough terrain capability. Fire departments that serve areas along the wildland—urban interface are faced with unique challenges that departments based in larger cities or strictly rural areas do not need to worry about.

Many fire departments operate a number of vehicles in specialized logistical functions. These can be stand-alone vehicles, or may be modular, such as with the use of a hook-lift system. For example, the Helsinki Rescue Department has several hooklift trucks and more than 40 containers, including a water container, a hose container, and an oil destruction container. Containers may also carry a command post, salvage tools, foam barrels, hoses, special pumps for wildfires , and field hospitals. The advancement of technology and potential for very large-scale incidents has led to many fire departments increasing their use of mobile command support units.

A fundamental advantage of such an appliance is to accommodate the many different types of communication equipment needed at major incidents. In addition to the wide range of radio frequencies used, a fire chief often needs to communicate via landlines and send and receive information via satellite links and CCTV to keep aware of and control the ongoing situation. The command unit can essentially be used as an on-site conference center for command personnel, mapping and planning firefighting operations and directing crews as they arrive.

A tanker truck, which can also be known as a water tender or water bowser , is a specialist fire appliance with the primary purpose of transporting large amounts of water to the fire area to make it available for extinguishing operations. These are especially useful in rural areas where fire hydrants are not readily available and natural water resources are insufficient or difficult to exploit. Most tankers have an on-board pumping system. Then accept the fate of your ilk, and face the trials that await you.

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Unless, you have already joined the crestfallen. Young Hollow, there are but two paths. Inherit the order of this world, or destroy it. But only a true monarch can make such a choice. Very few, indeed, have come even this far. And yet, your journey is far from over.

Half-grown Hollow, have you what it takes, truly? Young Hollow, seek after Vendrick. He who almost became a true monarch. Vendrick is certain to guide your way. Fledgeling Hollow, may we meet again.

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Meeting Aldia in the Undead Crypt. Heheh, I believe we've been acquainted. Young Hollow, conqueror of fear.

What drives you so, to overcome this supposed curse? Life is brilliant. It enchants us, to the point of obsession. Some are true to their purpose, though they are but shells, flesh and mind. One man lost his own body, but lingered on, as a head. Others chase the charms of love, however elusive. What is it that drives you? Once, the Lord of Light banished Dark, and all that stemmed from humanity. And men assumed a fleeting form. These are the roots of our world.

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Men are props on the stage of life, and no matter how tender, how exquisite A lie will remain a lie. Young Hollow, knowing this, do you still desire peace? Vendrick, the near-true monarch, is here, and not far off. But what is a king? You, neither born with greatness, nor granted it by the fates. What is it that you seek?

Smashwords Interview

You cannot even say yourself. We shall meet again, young Hollow. Meeting Aldia in Dragon Shrine. Peace grants men the illusion of life. Shackled by falsehoods, they yearn for love, unaware of its grand illusion. Until, the curse touches their flesh. We are bound by this yoke.

taylor.evolt.org/sezyd-dating-calahorra.php As true as the Dark that churns within men. All men trust fully the illusion of life.

Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame
Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame
Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame
Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame
Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame Tender Flames & Rekindled Flame

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